Feeling Somayach Yet? Bring in Adar With Nissim Black’s New Blackened HAVA Whisky

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Mishenichnas adar, marbim BHAVA! Popular Jewish rapper, Nissim Black, has ventured into the beverage industry with a phenomenal debut. “The name was inspired by my recent song, Hava Nagila” says Nissim Black, “Hava Nagila serves as an ode to Jewish happiness, and it’s one of the most well known and familiar Jewish songs in the world”.

“In this land of wheat and barley, we mash malted barley & local wheat with spring and well water from the Golan Heights. Yeast is added to begin a sixty hour fermentation. The wash is then double distilled in copper pot stills, with worm tub condensers. This barrel is a new charred American oak barrel filled in August 2017, it was heavily charred in-house at the Golani distillery for sweet oaky caramel notes,  during the 40 month aging process in the hot Israeli climate we lost 22% to the angels (evaporation) resulting in a unique single barrel whisky like no other” 

Just in time for Purim, HAVA Whisky is the quintessential gentleman’s drink that should not be missing from your seudah. Made in Eretz Yisroel and infused with the lands inherit kedusha, this whisky presents a smooth and rich smokey aroma and flavor that is sure to bring you bsimcha. הבה נגילה


HAVA Whisky is certified by O-K, with the distillery under the supervision of HaRav Levi Yosef Shimon

Please drink responsibly and have א פרייליכן פורים