Boro Park. Yes, Boro Park is on call. There is an emergency in our midst.

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Some while ago, a wonderful family from Brazil left their country and came to our beloved town to settle in. The father held a respectful position as a Magid Shiur, but since they were the sole inheritors of a deceased relative who in his will gave his house in Boro Park to his Brazilian family members, they decided to leave Brazil and head out to New York where they would now have better accommodations and living space. Or so they thought…

Turned out that other relatives, non-frum and non-honest, also got involved and started to threaten him and forcefully get him to leave the house for them to sell.

After assessing the situation, he came to the conclusion that giving in and moving out is his best or perhaps only option, and since they had no money for rent, he and his wife and children, one of them already a Kallah, settled in a hachnosas orchim apartment. The discomfort and agony of so many cohabitants in a 2 room apartment is self-understood, though they made the best out of it.

But they have no means. They cannot afford a basic household meal or minimal attire, let alone a wedding meal and Kallah wardrobe. They’re as poor as one can get.


The Mechutanim are chushiva Bnei Torah from Lakewood, and while using the finest words in their vocabulary, they basically said that they cannot put their son into such horror and hardship. If the Kalla’s family isn’t able to settle and attain some financial stability, then their son will have to look in to something else…

The Kallah is crying bitterly, her parents are sobbing along, and their children are whining from hunger. Their afraid for their future and petrified about the shidduch.

Boro Parkers have a moral obligation to bail them out of their despair. They came to us, they became part of us! And help them we will!!!

Today, we are listening to the cry of our new neighbors, and are assuring that they will no longer cry. We will welcome them to our community, and give them the hope and opportunity they deserve. We will have them find a suitable apartment on our streets, and sure enough share in their joy as they will bez”H celebrate the wedding of their daughter in on of our simcha halls.