Join The New Seminary’s Zoom Open House & Learn About Their High Quality Special Ed Degree!

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The New Seminary invites you to a Virtual Open House.

Learn about a Master’s Degree in Childhood & Special Education, leading to two NY state certifications from one degree!

As an exclusive collaborative program of PACE University, TEAM Education Services & The New Seminary, this degree offers those committed to being the best teacher possible exceptional training and preparation leading to excellent positions including leadership roles (i.e. head teacher).

Because of its super part-time schedule, this program allows students to work/teach during both years of schooling.

 Some highlights of the program are:

  • Special Ed. & Childhood Certifications.  *Two NY certifications in one degree!

  • 32% off Tuition! *Total savings of over $13,500 from regular tuition per year, totaling $27,000 in discounts.  PLUS….Financial Aid available!

  • One evening a week only!  *Classes only on Monday evening to accommodate busy schedules. 

  • Eligible to work as a certified teacher after the first year!

  • Birth – 2nd grade: with grade 1-6 option – 3 NYS certifications possible!

  • Separate classes for men and women.

  • Financial aid: Pace University offers financial aid to students in addition to the TEAM automatic Discount


The open house will take place on two dates:

Tuesday, May 25 – 8:00 PM

Meeting ID: 977 7345 7940

Password: 515665


Wednesday, May 26 – 8:00 PM

Meeting ID: 920 9420 6897

Password: 347974


Fall 2021 Applications Now Open!

For more information call 718.769.8160 or email [email protected].

Visit their website at