Elisheva (Marcus) Kaminetsky, Future Lawyer, Named Valedictorian at Touro’s Lander College for Women

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Elisheva (Marcus) Kaminetsky is a perennial student who plans to become a professor someday. “If I could be paid to be a student for the rest of my life, I would be happy to do that,” she says.  Her love of learning led her to become the valedictorian of Lander College for Women. She won’t stop there.

In September, Elisheva will begin her JD studies at NYU Law School. Growing up in Kew Gardens Hills, the oldest of six children, she recalls being told from a young age that she would make a great lawyer. She pushed it to the back of her mind but at Touro, political science and prelaw classes inspired her to pursue law. She interned at The Civil Legal Advice and Resource Office (CLARO) that provides limited legal advice to low-income New Yorkers being sued by debt collectors. She loved seeing how law can improve the lives of people in need. Elisheva also found time to volunteer with Partners in Torah, NORPAC, Young Israel of Queens Valley, and JEP. She worked as a research assistant at Lander College for Women, sourcing data and coauthoring an academic paper.

Taking advantage of online classes during the pandemic, Elisheva spent this semester in Jerusalem. While completing her coursework at Lander College for Women, she gave a series of guest lectures at Michlalah, the seminary she had attended in her gap year. Explaining her decision to try out teaching, Elisheva points to the influence and impact of her Touro professors. “Beyond helping me appreciate their particular disciplines, they helped me appreciate the art of education,” she said. “It is largely because of them that I hope to someday re-enter the world of education as a professor of law.

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