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Frum family living in terrible poverty with a down syndrome child

Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh LaZeh. Every Jew is responsible for every other Jew. And there is a very special couple living in Israel who need your help! They need you to open your heart and help with their dire predicament.

Baruch Hashem one of their many children is also down syndrome, which is a special bracha, but it does put an additional strain on the whole family, both financially and emotionally.


This family already lives in terrible poverty, serving Hashem with a lot of mesirus nefesh. Both Reb _____ and his wife work incredibly hard, working and taking care of their children, but their earnings are simply not enough, and they have no family support. They must rely on their Jewish brothers and sisters for generous support to help them manage through this difficult time.

Please help! In the zechus of you supporting this wonderful family, and the huge mitzvah you are taking part in, may Hashem bring you and your family an outpouring of hatzlachoh in every part of your life, and may you and your family enjoy good health, simchos, and besuros tovos.


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