Tragedy: Beloved Rebbetzin Passes Away At Young Age Of 40

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The story of Chana Phillip made ripples through worldwide news this week. The 40-year-old mother of seven had heroically fought brain cancer for three long years, but her battle ended one week ago when she tragically passed away. 


Chana’s family says that she didn’t tell the children about her illness during its earlier stages, allowing them to have a normal childhood for as long as possible.


“That is the kind of mesiras nefesh, the kind of loving, cheseddik woman that my wife was,” described her husband, Rabbi Menachem Phillip.


“Always doing for others, thinking for others, baking cakes for local simchas and hosting guests and avreichim learning in the house, even when she was very sick.”


Rabbi Phillip is now left to raise 7 small children without their mother. An emergency fund is urgently collecting money to help the young father support his family alone, a feat which likely seems impossible from his current perspective of devastating grief. Though no amount of financial help will ease their pain, donations will allow them to take the space they need to process this tragedy.