Tomorrow Night, an Inspiring Atzeres Achdus for Meron with Zemiros and Hisorrerus

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How Are We Responding To The Tragedy? 

The recent tragic events of Lag Baomer in Meron are still so fresh in our minds and hearts.

45 Yidden killed and over 150 were injured, families’ lives forever changed R”l. We understand that we do not understand why, and we know we must do something. 

So we all crave and try our utmost to seek inspiration.  

What better way is there to be inspired, than to get together and unite in harmony and singing with uplifting zemiros, as we allow our neshamos to connect to Hashem and poignantly express our yearning and deepest desires through song?

This coming Thursday, June 3rd, Ki Heim Chayeinu will be hosting an Atzeres Achdus inspirational evening where we will do just that. 

The livestream event will feature a unique Masmidei HaSiyum Kumzitz with R’ Yaakov Bender and hundreds of his talmidim of Yeshivas Darchei Torah, representing all the children from around the world who were part of this Masmidei haSiyum initiative. They will be led by R’ Shloime Taussig, along with Shea and Avrumi Berko and the Lev Voices.

We will also be joined in zemiros v’hisorrerus by world renowned singer Srully Williger. In recent years, Srully has taken the wedding scene by a storm with, and now he will continue to uplift and inspire us, performing stirring new lyrics to favorite nostalgic songs.

One of the highlights of the evening will be ‘Nitzotzei Ohr’ from the world’s favorite Maggid, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, who will move and uplift us with never-before-heard stirring stories from the victims and the aftermath of the Meron tragedy.

Additionally this event will be recognizing the learning accomplishments of thousands of children and men as well as the myriads kapitlech of tehilim said by our women and girls.Since this unspeakable tragedy that Klal Yisroel experienced on Lag B’omer, just a few weeks ago, Ki Heim Chayeinu has led Klal Yisroel in a response of Torah and Tefillah with the Mishnayos for Meron, Shas For Meron and tehilim for meron programs, and Thursday night we will be acknowledging that as well.

As Rebbe Yechiel Eisensthat put it; “Of course, we have no words in response to what happened, but we do hope that all this learning and inspiration; all these glimmers of light that we see even in the darkness, will serve as a small spark of nechama to the families.’’

Make sure to tune in live on Thursday night June 3rd at 8pm. 

The stream will air right here and on