Passing the Torch: A WITS Special Event

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Passing the Torch at WITS

It is no secret that Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study/Yeshivas Ohr Yechezkel, is a Makom HaTorah in the Midwest. Since its founding 41 years ago, it has produced hundreds of exemplary Bnei Torah who have settled across the country. Its alumni have taken positions of leadership and lay leadership in communities and make an impact wherever they go.

To honor the work of Rabbi and Mrs. Jay Hellman, who have led the Alumni Association for the past 14 years, and to celebrate the vibrance of its worldwide alumni, WITS will be holding a unique Virtual Event on June 13th at 8:00pm CDT/9:00pm EDT and it promises to be a memorable event.

Rabbi Hellman’s dedication and determination took a fledgling Alumni Association and transformed it into a vibrant, cohesive organization which is renowned in its success. With his unique style and forward-thinking outlook, Rabbi Hellman created a framework for alumni to learn, gather, and interact with each other. The programs he spearheaded included Shiurim, Shabbatons and many other enjoyable events to help foster a renewed camaraderie and sense of belonging to the Yeshiva. Alumni are active, engaged, and constantly looking for new interactions with the Yeshiva and its rebbeim.

With the unswerving support of his wife, Rebbetzin Faygie Hellman, the Alumni Association has flourished and expanded dramatically.

Now, Rabbi Hellman is stepping out of his role as Alumni Director and urging them to continue the great work that they started together.

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Talmidim, friends and supporters are invited to join the event in person at the WITS campus, or online at on June 13th. The event will start 8:00pm CDT/9:00pm EDT with a 30 minute presentation of WITS nostalgia from the past four decades with highlights of major events and yeshiva activities from years gone by. It will be followed by the feature presentation, World Wide WITS, hosted by Rabbi Hellman. It will include appearances by alumni throughout the years who will share their appreciation for the Yeshiva and its mission.

Tune in on 6/13 at!