Young Boy Having a Bar Mitzvah But His Father is Sick

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It seemed at first like a simple thing. Some neighbors, who knew what was going on, decided to organize a Bar Mitzvah for this boy, a celebration like all the other boys have.

These neighbors knew that Tzviki’s father has cancer; they knew that his father has been getting difficult treatments and operations. These neighbors knew that times were tough for the family of 9, so they took it upon themselves to help.

But as these neighbors started to put it all together, as they started to work on getting the Bar Mitzvah ready, they realized – Tzviki’s family was in dire need of so much more! Tzviki doesn’t have the clothing he needs for his Bar Mitzvah, and neither do his siblings!


His mother is struggling constantly from all of the challenges. The family continues to sink deeper into debt, all in a bid to save the father’s life from the machla.

Listen to our heartfelt plea, and join us in helping to create true simcha in Tviki’s life, so that for a little while, this family can feel as though they are making a simcha, instead of being wrapped in the hardest moments of their lives.

May all those who participate in this great mitzvah have tremendous nachas from their children and their family, and merit to be in good health , so they can celebrate together with their children in joy.