$2.5 Million for R’ Yoel’s Legacy

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It’s time to build R’ Yoel’s legacy– and Heichel Menachem is already answering this call.

And the legacy that they’re building is, quite literally, a building.

For years, Heichel Menachem of Boro Park, has serviced Yidden on a local and global level, facilitating an ongoing atmosphere of serious Torah study and Chassidus.

Reb Yoel Kahan z”l, already a legend in his lifetime and famed *”Choizer” of the Lubavicher Rebbe z”tzl, stood at the helm of this noteworthy organization in the capacity as Mashpia, as well as leading Shiurim bi-weekly for twenty-seven years.

Now, in tribute to Reb Yoel and his outstanding lifetime-acheivements, Heichel Menachem is raising the funds to continue his tremendous impact on the Torah world, further and in greater measure, with a center for Torah and Chassidus in his holy memory.

Enter: Bais Reb Yoel of Boro Park.

Plans for a multi-million dollar building are well underway, with a host of incredible features for this newly renovated location.

Bais Reb Yoel, will boast an extensive library of Seforim of every kind! The highlight of this library will be the tremendous selection of Sefarim of the Baal Shem Tov and his holy Talmidim. Visitors will be able to peruse this library, replete with a vast array of Sifrei Chassidus available! The ambience in the Bais Reb Yoel library, will provide Yidden, and lomdei Torah a well-appointed space in which to immerse in serious Torah study and growth.

Additionally, a fully stocked Seforim Store, will offer many Seforim of Chassidus for purchase. The extensive inventory will include Sifrei Chassidus not available in many other locations!

In addition to the library and store, Bais Reb Yoel will facilitate other modes of learning. Thanks to the updated systems, visitors to Bais Reb Yoel will be able to access recordings and videos of Reb Yoel’s Shiurim, as well as videos of Farbrengens from years past.

With ample space to host large crowds, the new building will b’Siyata D’Shmaya be a Merkaz of Torah and Chassidus. Shiurim will be taught by a lineup of quality Magidei Shiurim, addressing various topics and will be geared to crowds of all types.

Bais Reb Yoel’s schedule will also host memorable and interactive Farbrengens, which will be led by world renowned Mashpiim.

With Hashem’s help this edifice of Torah and Kedusha, will continue to perpetuate Reb Yoel Kahan’s huge impact and tremendous imprint on Torah Jewry at large. Thus creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.  

Make your campaign donation here: www.BaisRebYoel.com

*Reb Yoel reviewed, repeated and transcribed from memory, thousands of hours of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Torah teachings