Looking for an income combined with Kodesh and a fulfilling life mission?

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Are You Talented in Chinuch? Why Not Make an Income From It Too?

Are you a Rebbi in Yeshiva and would like to have the skills to lead Bochrim who are struggling with reading and learning to success?

Come learn the world-renowned “Zobin method” and become a master in learning remediation and Kriah specialist within a year!!!

Rabbi Zvi Zobin for over 35 years now has changed the lives of thousands of struggling students and trained many successful educators-worldwide.

At the end of the course bez’’H:

  • You will have the knowledge and tools to integrate immediately into employment
  • You will make a living from something that you’re passionate about
  • You will go home at the end of the day with a tremendous feeling of fulfillment
  • You will actualize the hidden potential that’s in you

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From someone who took the course:

Learning Rav Zobin’s method has given me the tools to deal with a very wide range of problems with reading and learning for all ages and provide real solutions for them. Rabbbi Zobin seems to have a real solution for almost every problem!

And all this in record time! What takes other methods hundreds of hours to accomplish with this method it’s a matter of maybe 20 hours of remediation.

This is revolutionary!

What’s also unique is that he gives you a broad enough understanding of the issues to be able to innovate as well.

This has been a great way for me to combine kodesh and fulfilment with a decent income.

I recommend this to anybody who wants to really help struggling students and make a difference in their lives and at the same time earn an income.

Yitzchok E., Yerushalaim

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Or call: 718-841-9696

Haskamos of Rabbanim and Educators

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend HaRav Zobin’s Method, which has helped many students who would otherwise have wasted their potential.” – HaRav Matisyahu Solomon, Mashgiach, Beis Medrash Gavoha, Lakewood

“Zvi Zobin is a long-time avreich at Tora Ore and many who would have otherwise given up and stopped learning torah have been helped by him.”  – HaRav Pinchas Sheinberg ztz”l, Rosh Yeshiva, Tora Ore

“Zvi Zobin is to be admired. With his deep understanding of the many factors involved in reading, he has created a simple method to identify reading difficulties, pinpoint the underlying causes and quickly overcome these difficulties.  In only a short time, the method can deal with reading obstacles that prevent progress, as it aims to assure success in higher level studies.” – HaRav Vagshal, Principal, Elementary School Gateshead

“Rav Zobin’s Method has made a breakthrough with techniques that deal with the most difficult aspects of reading. As a counselor in several yeshivas, I’m aware of the tremendous percentage of unidentified reading problems at all ages. This method integrates the thoroughness of a scientist with the compassion of an artist. I’ve found the method to be a life saver when it comes to these problems.” – HaRav Elkins—Principal of a reading institute in New York City

“I’m very happy to spread the word about this method. I know of no other method that is so easy to use and so effective for such a wide range of ages and assorted reading issue.   It’s a crucial tool for assessment and treatment within an educational framework; it’s an excellent method for any educational institution.” – Dr. Meshulam Teller, Psychologist

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A small sample from satisfied clients:

“How did you do it? I paid out $40,000 during the past three years in attempts to improve my son’s reading skills, with no success. And in only six sessions with you he’s already correcting my reading.” Yisrael C. ,N.Y.

“Now I can open new sefarim and understand them better. My tefila has improved greatly and I have more confidence davening for the Amud.” Meir, age 19

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