Shulem Lemmer Live – To Support Countless Almana’s And Yesoimim

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One evening.

Countless futures.

Joining to support thousands of families who’ve lost their breadwinner.


Their loved one is gone.

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But the bills keep coming.


There’s so much a family loses when they lose a parent.

Their normalcy.

Their privacy.

And their financial stability.


We can’t bring their parent – or life as they knew it – back.

We can’t give them a mother’s warm touch or a father’s strong arms.

So what can we do?

When the bills are paid up, there is a bit more room to grieve properly, to pick up the pieces, and slowly move on.

And when a blow this big throws them off balance, it’s more important than ever to keep them on their feet.


Money can’t do everything.

But it can show them that their Klal Yisroel family cares – and is doing their part to ease their pain.

Avigdor’s Helping Hand, founded 16 years ago in memory of Avigdor Glaser Z”L, provides significant financial assistance at two crucial junctures:

  1. Immediately after the passing of a breadwinner.
  2. In preparation for the weddings of the orphans.

It’s a simple belief – with a profound impact:

Every widow, widower, and orphan deserves this love and support from their extended Jewish family.

They didn’t choose their tragic circumstance. But we can choose to lift them up in their lowest moments.

When an orphan gets married, there’s a measure of comfort: a new home, a promising future emerging from the anguish of the past.

They deserve to savor every bit of that joy.
And we can’t allow stress over credit card totals to cast a pall over the festivities.

Avigdor’s Helping Hand: Bringing solace and joy to grieving families through compassionate financial assistance.

Join the cause. Be the catalyst.

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