Your Child is Capable of Playing Keyboard by Ear. Here’s How!


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Learning a new instrument couldn’t be more fun, more enjoyable, more convenient…and more affordable. Sign up and get 10% off your subscription of online or USB lessons at! Use code yw21 by 10-31-21.

By Victoria Dwek

Shmuel Bassman, one of the top keyboardists in the Jewish music world, has been teaching boys to learn to play keyboard by ear for 15 years…many of those boys are playing professionally today. And now finally, anyone, boys, girls, teens, and adults anywhere can learn to play–and play well–remotely while learning the same way!

Talk to any mother of a Bassline Pro student: They’ll tell you that the confidence their child gained from his newfound ability has poured over to positively impact all areas of his life.

More Accessible, More Flexible, More Affordable
Before Bassline Pro, there was simply nothing out there where a child could learn to play an instrument remotely in a kosher way and by learning the Jewish songs they love. Not everyone lives near a music instructor–most don’t! Even if they do, not every parent can carpool a child to lessons. Plus, in-person lessons are more costly. Bassline Pro’s online lessons make learning to play keyboard so much more affordable.

No Internet Needed–Take Lessons Online or Via USB
You don’t need to have internet or give your child access to internet to be able to take advantage of the courses. The keyboard lessons are also available via USB that’s preloaded with all the lessons and materials. Whether you’re accessing your classes from the website or the USB, the whole system is sleek, fun, and easy-to-use.

The Best of Both Worlds
Like with his in-person lessons, Shmuel Bassman is dedicated to making sure his students succeed. There’s actually a learning advantage of online lessons vs. in-person–the student can go back to the videos and review as often as they want.

So, How Do Online Lessons Work?

After the first free week, there’s a small weekly fee as your child continues the lessons … at a fraction of the cost of in-person lessons. You’ll have access to that week’s material for as long as you continue the lessons. Review the lessons as often as you like! There’s no commitment necessary–so there’s no worries if music doesn’t end up clicking with your child.

From Beginners, All the Way Up
There are lessons available for every level, from beginners, to intermediate, to advanced, to professional. As the skills of you or your child grow, Bassline Pro will continue to take you up to the next level.

The Best Activity You Can Find

This is the easiest way to find out if music really resonates with your child. And there’s one more big perk of learning keyboard vs. every other instrument. While of course you’ll want to hear your child play…if you don’t want to at the moment, they can always plug in the headphones!

Sign up for your first free week now at!

Register for online lessons here or order a USB here. 

“My 12-year-old son is a few months into his online keyboard lessons and is more pumped each week to keep at it!…  Everything about the program is perfectly organized, making it so easy for us to let him run with it. He is looking forward to “mastering” the keyboard and sees that with Bassline lessons it can really happen!” — Rabbi B.

“I feel like I have to publicize what an amazing music course Shmuel Bassman is offering! The lessons are given over in a very pleasant and crystal-clear manner, step by step. I especially enjoy having the convenience of having it all at home. I must say–this is the way to go!” -Mrs. W.

About Shmuel Bassman:
Shmuel’s love of music stems from the moments his father led niggunim with the family around the piano. Today, Shmuel has blended his extraordinary talent with professional expertise to create a musical empire where he can share this incredible gift with the next generation. Learn more at