An Incredible Thank You Letter From A Grateful Patient Of Hatzolah Air

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I’m writing this letter for one reason. To publicly announce the reason that my husband is alive today

You see, when the world was ravaged with Covid-19, we too, were sucked into the battle. My husband of 21 years was fighting for his life. Like many others, he was struggling for every breath that emerged from his weakened lungs due to an underlying condition.

The doctors were not shy about his prognosis. They looked me in the eye and spoke words that no spouse should ever hear:

“Your husband is dying.”

I cried bitter tears, begging them not to give up, to try one more time. The pity in their eyes did not deter me.

I didn’t budge, fighting right alongside my husband. Seeing my fierce determination, the doctors told me that there was one option left.

“Fly your husband out to Florida. There’s a specialist there that has an experimental treatment plan that has worked miracles for cases identical to this one.”

Easier said than done. Not a single airline was ready to take a Covid stricken patient aboard. Especially one at death’s door. Hiring a commercial air ambulance was out of the question. We had no access to even a fraction of the money to finance that. And time was rapidly running out.

My husband was getting weaker every hour. And the worst part? Knowing that there was a possible cure out there, and that money was blocking us from accessing it.

That’s when Hashem sent us a savior. Hatzolah Air.

They got wind of our situation and within 1.5 hours, things were set into motion. Without blasting any horns or blowing any trumpets, they took matters into their own hands.

A fully equipped medical jet. A scheduled itinerary.

An incredible medical crew.

 A competent pilot crew.

They even brought sushi for me to eat on the flight, although I had no appetite. My husband would be flown to Florida, where the doctor and his team were awaiting his arrival.

The hishtadlus, which seemed so overwhelmingly impossible just 2 hours before, was now complete.

There is no way I can ever describe what Hatzolah Air has done for us. The kindness, the efficiency, the lack of fanfare, and most of all the let’s-get-this-done attitude.

They gave us access to life itself.

Today, as my husband sits beside me urging me to pen these words, there is nothing left for me to say but this:

Thank you Hatzolah Air for saving my husband’s life. There is no way he would have survived this without you.

Our gratitude knows no bounds, Sarah F. and family