Virtual Limud B’iyun – Starting Kiddushin, Join Today

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Yeshiva Learning for Baalei Batim Everywhere

Shesulim is yeshiva learning for everyone, including balei battim, rebbeim, and working guys who miss a b’iyun seder as part of their day. Lakewood rebbeim lead chaburos for people from all over the world, giving men the opportunity to grow in learning as they learn the gemara in-depth. And now Shesulim is open to you as well!

“The mareh mekomos booklets and the shiur give much clarity to the sugyos. They are deep, yet made very easy to understand, and help get to the hekef of the sugya.”

-E.S in Brooklyn

Shesulim is starting Kiddushin soon as we move on to the next phase. We are now having the Shiurim on Zoom, along with a weekly pamphle. To make it even easier to join the Chaburah.

At Shesulim, we help facilitate chavrusos, matching you to someone who will grow in Torah with you, using Zoom or other virtual learning software to maintain a strong connection in learning with your chavrusah.

Also, when learning b’iyun, you need support. Questions, clarifications, and more – to help everyone, the Rosh Chaburah is available throughout the week to speak in learning.

Shesulim is Worldwide – Join Us From Anywhere

We’ve had people from all over the world join the chaburah, including L.A., Houston, Passaic, St. Louis, Providence, Lakewood, Brooklyn and more. Shesulim even has someone in Colombia who uses that week’s limud to learn every Thursday night with 10-15 people!

Creating Shesulim – History and Founding

In 2020, the entire world went into lockdown. But you can’t shut down the yeshivos, so Lakewood’s Beth Medrash Govoha (BMG) worked diligently to set up a phone conference system to bring everyone into seder virtually.

With BMG already running on a phone system, some yungerleit, with the encouragement of the Roshei Yeshiva Shlit”a, worked to facilitate others to join in the yeshiva learning. This was accomplished by giving out access to the phone conference system.

They were helped along by R’ Aaron Kotler, who made the many resources of the yeshiva available, including Shivti. They were assisted by Madison Torah Projects as well.

The program, now called Shesulim, was successful in giving people the experience of learning b’iyun. From conception until late 2021, Shesulim accomplished a lot:

 • Masechtas Sukkah was learned from Shavuos to Sukkos 2020

 • Perek Chezkas Habattim, was the limud through the Winter of 2020-2021

 • Summer of 2021 was partly the 1st perek of Bava Basra and part of the 2nd perek

 • Elul 2021 Shesulim learned Kiddushin 2nd perek

Shesulim Going Forward

Baruch Hashem, Shesulim has grown and is more successful than we imagined at the beginning. As Shesulim has grown, so have its needs to expand to more people all over.

To accomplish this, Shesulim is shifting to be independent of BMG. With tremendous hakaros hatov to BMG and all of those who worked so hard to get Shesulim off the ground, we now move to the next phase of development as we grow this project to be even more accessible.

The Rebbeim Of Shesulim

The Rosh Chaburah for Shesulim is Harav Aryeh Leib Paretzky Shlit”a, who is a Rosh Chaburah in BMG. He sets up the weekly learning with a pamphlet of Mareh Makomos. Which is followed by a weekly chaburah. With his amazing combination of clarity and depth, Rav Paretzky gives the chaburah members real satisfaction and understanding in their learning. Additionally, the Roshei Yeshiva from BMG give various shiurim and divrei chizuk at different times.

“My impression of Rabbi Paretzky’s chaburos remind me of the exceptional level of my Rebbeim Z”l, Rav Pam, Rav Rivkin and Rav Belsky. Not too fast, not too slow, with an emphasis on Havana.”


In addition to the weekly limud, Rabbi Paretzky sends out his weekly erev Shabbos shiur. They have also worked together with Shivti (of BMG) to have special Chol Hamoed Shiurim.

Joining Shesulim

We need you! And we want to watch you succeed in ways you never thought possible as you re-introduce the magic of yeshiva learning into your daily routine.

To join Shesulim, or to get more information, please contact:

Dovy Zucker at [email protected] or call 732-367-1060 ext.4504