Florida Woman Who Sued For Ivermectin Dies From COVID


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A Florida teacher hospitalized with COVID-19 has died after her husband unsuccessfully sued to force doctors to treat her with ivermectin, a drug popular among some skeptics of accepted coronavirus treatments despite a lack of studies proving its effectiveness.

Tamara Drock died Friday, 12 weeks after being admitted to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, Ryan Drock told the Palm Beach Post.

He sued the hospital last month in an attempt to require doctors to administer ivermectin, a drug used to treat conditions caused by parasitic worms. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved the drug to treat COVID-19, saying it hasn’t proved effective in pre-clinical trials.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge James Nutt rejected Drock’s lawsuit last month, saying allowing judges to countermand doctor’s decisions could set a dangerous precedent.

He urged the Drocks and the hospital to try to reach agreement on their own. A deal fell apart after a doctor agreed to administer ivermectin at a dosage the family’s attorney said was too low, the newspaper reported.

Tenet Healthcare, which owns the hospital, did not respond to messages seeking comment, the paper reported.

Ryan Drock, who also was infected but recovered from COVID, told the Post he’s not giving up.

“I’m hoping they name a law after her so no one has to go through this,” Drock said. “If she had walked out of the hospital she could have had the medication.”



  1. I have given ivermectin to 4 people 3 of them with covid they all got better within 2 days they got smell and taste back within the week, the 4th person had lime disease for years all symptoms were gone after being on it for 10 days so yes it works amazingly well

  2. The hospital murdered her. Sure, there is no formal proof that ivermectin works against this disease, but there are good indications, and there’s no harm, so the only reason to object was politics. For the sake of politics they denied someone possibly helpful treatment, and she died. Who’s to say she would have died anyway? And it’s not as if there’s proof that their alternatives work any better.

  3. Whatever happened to hydroxychloroquine? I thought that was the cure all? Bottom line is that the “research data” used for all these studies showing that it is an effective treatment comes from a company that has a history of selling data that is unverifiable and most of those studies regardless what they were researching have been revoked.

  4. Fascinating, an untested, unapproved animal drug is believed by some to be a miracle cure to covid, but the tested approved vaccine shouldn’t be taken! Insanity.

  5. rt:
    No need to be so fascinated.

    Ivermectin is NOT an “animal drug”. It is a drug for humans that happens to also have a variant for animals.

    The “tested approved vaccine” has numerous reports on VAERS about it being not all that “safe”. Also officially, it does not stop transmission and does not prevent infection. It claims to reduce hospitalization.

    So even if she had taken the shot, it would not necessarily have prevented this occurrence. But, as others have noted, politics did cause this woman’s death.

  6. Much Better for the hospital’s record that a patient died of Covid. They make loads of money for every Covid death. And this is not a conspiracy. This is a fact. Check it out.
    Ivermectin isn’t allowed in hospitals because its efficacy would completely debunk these so called vaccines and certain (big pharma, scientists, head of infectious diseases, FDA…..CDC..criminals) would chance to lose a lot of $$$.
    Money before Truth
    Politics before Science
    Equals death before Ivermectin.

  7. @RT- If Ivermectin is for horses, why are congressman treated with it as a first option when they get Covid??
    Time to take your head out of the sand & do a bit of real research. The type that’s not pre-screened & scraped by libtards.