Have You Ever Visited Orlando?

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When you visited Orlando what did you see? When you think of Orlando, what comes to mind? You probably think of Mickey Mouse and Epcot Center, Reunion Resort, and Champions Gate. But behind the theme parks and vacation villas, there sits a REAL MAGICAL KINGDOM: Orlando Torah Academy. 


The foundation of any strong Jewish community is a strong Jewish education. OTA instills in its students a love of learning and of Yiddishkeit that lasts a lifetime. That’s why your gift is so important. 


You see, with one click, your gift does so much good.

You make this top-tier Torah education available to the children of Orlando!

 Because of you, a future leader will ignite the flame and share the magic of Torah for years, even generations, to come.

Today you have the opportunity to become a partner in the REAL MAGICAL KINGDOM OF ORLANDO!

Please open your heart and make a difference today! CLICK HERE!