Mazal Tov! Its A New Baby…With Down Syndrome

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Imagine the mixed feelings of the new parents! 

They weren’t expecting this! They are shocked, overwhelmed, and they may feel so alone. 

Then, a beautiful support packet arrives at their doorstep; a thoughtful display of empathy, guidance, and love. A packet of gifts, resources, inspiration, and personal perspectives shared by other parents. 

Always standing by the Parents side, Touch of Care holds their hand and provides a powerful message: 

“We’ve been through this, and we will help you through it as well. You will come to appreciate and even enjoy this new journey. You will move from a place of darkness to a place of light and real Simcha. You Are NOT Alone”! 

Here is where YOU come in 

With YOUR support we’re able to reach our goal and expand our services to do more for these new parents.