Let’s. Spark. Some. Matches. This. Chanukah.

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A time for joy, light and peace with family and friends.

What if we use that time together to bring joy, light and peace to others?

Picture this:

You are sitting around the table laughing, eating latkes and doughnuts and chatting with your closest family and friends.

The power around that table to network and think of shidduchim for the singles you know is limitless. 

Scenario 1: You turn to your sister in law and start describing your single friend from high school and what she is looking for. Your sister in law thinks for a minute and then says “You know, this sounds like a great idea for my neighbor’s son. Send me your friend’s resume and I’ll call my neighbor tomorrow.” Just like that, you and your sister in law have sparked a match!

Scenario 2: Your uncle is talking about work and starts describing his newest employee, a fantastic young man in his early thirties. You turn towards your new brother-in-law and say “hey, listen to Uncle Yaakov- maybe the young man he is describing is for your sister?” Your brother-in-law walks over to your uncle and they talk and the resume is sent to the young man! Just like that, your uncle and your brother in law have sparked a match!

The scenarios are endless!

Let’s spark some matches this Chanuka! It’s 3 simple steps!

  1. Form a team with your family and friends and sign up at 10kbatayyisroel.org/teams.
  2. Network together and suggest shidduchim over Chanuka.
  3. Log your suggestions to your team at 10kbatayyisroel.org/teams

Plus there’s a chance to win gifts!

Each member of the team with the most submitted suggestions by December 6th will win a $150 gift certificate to Wall Street Grill!

Each member of the team with the most submitted first dates will receive a $200 gift certificate to Artscroll!

But we’re not stopping there! There will be popup giveaways throughout with a chance to win prizes from It’s All A Gift, Waterdale Collection & More!

Sign Up TODAY free of charge at: 10KBATAYYISROEL.ORG/TEAMS

Help us do more to empower, inspire and guide in redting shidduchim by donating at: 10kbatayyisroel.org/donate


Sponsor this initiative or a future event by emailing: [email protected]


Please continue to redt shidduchim in memory of Yisroel Levin a”h and Elisheva Basya Kaplan a”h and log them on: 10KBatayYisroel.org


Yes, your shidduch suggestion counts!

And yes we are starting with a giveaway. Post the Flyer above and the link: 10kbatayyisroel.org/teams on your Whatsapp Status. Send a screenshot after 23 hours with at least 50 views to (516) 855-7327 to be entered in a raffle to win a choice of swag from the 10K Shop