New Mesivta Opening In Monsey



With tremendous excitement Rabbi Aaron Kaufman, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury, and Rabbi Shimon Yanofsky, Rosh Mesivta noted and experienced Mechanchim, with a track record of success, are launching a new Mesivta High School, the Mesivta of Chestnut Ridge in Monsey, New York.

The Mesivta will be housed on a magnificent, sprawling multi-acre campus.

The yeshiva’s structured shiurim will engage and interest the Talmidim, motivating them to grow far beyond their expectations. There will be a focus on kinyan haTorah and finishing Masechtos. Distinctive programming and features will energize Talmidim to experience success and develop into genuine B’nai Torah.

The Hanhala will create a warm and respectful atmosphere where Talmidim can forge close connections with Rebbeim for a lifetime. The General Studies academic experience is slated to include a business/entrepreneurial curriculum emphasizing life skills that will engage the Talmidim in the learning process.

The Mesivta’s mission is to faithfully transmit the Mesoras Hatorah within the framework of the Oilam Hayeshivos, while catering to the needs of today’s Bochorim in an inspiring, and rousing learning atmosphere. 

Rabbi Shamshon Levy, an outstanding, experienced, and exciting Rebbe from Monsey, with a reputation for motivating Talmidim, will also be joining the staff.

For applications or more information reach out to  203-756-1800 extension 118 or 

Email:  [email protected]