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Chaya Sara Malka, A Young Mother of 3 Has A Critical Opportunity To Rage War Against Her Cancer Diagnosis

Chaya Sarah Malka, 38-year old mother of 3 from Los Angeles (Fairfax area) is in a very tough battle against cancer. She has lost her sight in one eye and is extremely weak and in constant pain.

Chaya Sarah Malka has been battling cancer since 2016. Because her husband, Shmuli, is her full-time caregiver, he is not able to work.

Now, her California doctors have said she should go to hospice. She has a critical opportunity to be treated at an out-of-state clinic. Sarah, herself is an orphan.  

Sarah, Shmuli, and their family are an inspiration to their Los Angeles community with their unbelievable bitachon. 

Now, we are asking for your help to join together to save Sara’s life
Because she cannot walk and needs oxygen, generous ba’alei tzedkah in Los Angeles arranged a private medical flight out of state. But the war is not yet over, as the family must cover the out-of-pocket cost of treatment and living expenses both out-of-state for Sarah and her husband, while still maintaining a home for their children in California, where family members are helping out. 

Please continue to pray for Chaya Sarah Malka bas Bracha Leah Chava, for a refua shleima now! 

All donations made here will be put towards medical and related expense for Sarah’s full recovery. 

Give and spread the word to all you know! Help Chaya Sarah Malka bas Bracha Leah Chava, this young wife and mother of 3, win the battle! 

With our heartfelt gratitude and deepest appreciation, 

Friends and Family of Sarah and Shmuli 

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