Rav Aharon Feldman speaks “We Need To Get ALL Jews OUT Of Ukraine


With the backing of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, Agudath Israel of America has taken up the cause of the Jewish communities scattered throughout Ukraine, together with the Shma Yisroel Foundation, under the leadership of R’ Shlomo Noach Mandel.

Since its founding a century ago, the Agudah has been working tirelessly on behalf of Jews around the world.

The Agudah has been networking with various organizations involved with the kehillos in Ukraine. Many Jews have, Baruch Hashem, managed to flee the warzone. However, there are still many Jews who must be evacuated.

In addition, thousands of Jewish refugees require food and basic necessities.

There is a desperate need for funds to help Ukrainian Jewry. The cost to evacuate each individual can be over $10,000. One bus can cost a few hundred thousand. They also need to be provided with food and shelter once they arrive at their destination.

The situation in Ukraine is getting more difficult with each passing hour, and it is vital that we evacuate everyone before it will be too late.

This money will be distributed among the various organizations so that every single dollar will be put toward helping the refugee families. 

We have pledged to match the first $5 million that are donated

Please partner with us in this most important cause. May Hashem protect

Klal Yisrael, and may we only hear good news.



Michael Bauman

Menashe Frankel

Meir Gelley

Ralph Herzka

Mendy Josefovic

Ben Mandelbaum

Yitzchok Rokovsky

Itche Rosenbaum

Ari Stern

Schron Family

Rueven Wolf

Shlomie Werdiger