Watch Free: 10 AM Today: Master Your Life! Master Your Diet Through CBT With Dr. Judith Beck

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Mordechai Weinberger LCSW will interview Dr Judith Beck PhD on how to use CBT

(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) in our daily lives!

 Dr. Beck will explain how CBT works.

 Dr. Beck will teach us how to use it in our everyday lives.

 Dr. Beck will teach us how to use it with our children.

 You will learn how CBT helps with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD,

Personality Disorders, marriage issues, eating disorders, challenging

behaviors in children.

Dr. Beck will share many dieting secrets from her international best selling

Diet book (Called The Beck Dieting Solution: Think Like a Skinny Person)!

This program is for anyone looking to grow and understand themselves.

This program is for anyone that is in therapy or contemplating therapy and they

want to understand the process (you have an opportunity to learn from the


Here is an opportunity to learn from the originators of CBT and to ask them any

a question that you have!

Today at 10 am!

Here is the link to watch via zoom or to call in. 

To Watch via Zoom

To participate by calling in # 929 205 6099 Meeting ID: 846

6512 4054

Dr. Judith Beck Is a Psychologist For Over 40 Years. She Is The President Of The Beck Institute Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Her Father Dr. Aron Beck M.D. created the CBT Therapy model. Dr. Judith Beck has stood by her father’s side the past 40 years helping him develop the CBT model of therapy into all it is today. Dr. Beck is also a professor in psychiatry at Penn State.

Learn How CBT Can Change Your Life and Your Eating Habits through CBT!