Young Israel of Greater Miami’s Hachnosas Sefer Torah Event in Memory of Mora D’Asra, Rabbi Dovid Lehrfield Z’L

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HaRav Dovid Lehrfield Z’LFor over six decades, Rabbi Lehrfield, in his inimitable manner, full of שמחת החיים, infused the South Florida Community with a deep love and understanding for Torah and Mitzvos. His weekly drashos always touched on a practical idea allowing the listener to apply these lessons to everyday life. Acquiring a vast understanding of all areas of the Torah, especially תנ”ך and its commentaries, the Rav became a wellspring for others to draw from and become inspired.

The multitude of generations trained by Rabbi Lehrfield in preparation for Bar Mitzvos, went far beyond the parsha drasha. This was a “rite-of-passage”-training future generations in the art of public speaking, giving them the much-needed boost of self-confidence to become successful in all areas of life. Our Rav, with his incredibly busy schedule, always took the time to get to know the young student, listening, counseling, and ultimately developing a bond that carried them through adulthood. 

Yet it was his deep sensitive nature with which he dealt with people that truly defined him. In times of crisis, he  always knew just what to say, and how to advise. In times of simcha he celebrated with pure joy as if it was his own. 
Throughout his life, as he lovingly and expertly led his Kehila, spurring unprecedented growth, Torah was always his guiding light and learning Torah gave him tremedous “ sipuk.”  It is therefore most fitting that we have chosen to commemorate his life and legacy with the writing of a new Sefer Torah in his memory on the occasion of the first Yahrzheit.


May we take comfort and solace in appreciating and spreading the life lessons our Rav has taught us, דרכיה דרכי נועם.

נפלה עטרה מראשנו, our precious crown has fallen, our כתר דוד. May his memory be a blessing and may his soul be bound in the bond of eternal life. .ת. נ. צ. ב. ה


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