Shocking: Father, Mother, And Daughter Are All Sick

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The Goldsteins* used to be a “normal” family. Their situation now, however, can only be described as chaos.


Father Yitzchok is ill, unable to leave bed. The family managed with his disability until a horrific car crash changed everything: Mother Chana was injured badly and her brain was damaged. For a year, Chana fought for her life and relearned everything she knew, including how to walk. During her absence, 12-year-old Noa took care of her little siblings and ran the home as best she could.


When Chana finally returned home, it seemed as though they would finally be okay. Then, in a shocking twist, Noa fell ill as well. She suffers from a rare syndrome and needs astronomically expensive medicine each month just to literally survive. 


Several rabbanim, including Rav Gershon Edelstein, have written a letter to the public on the Goldsteins’ behalf, as they are simply not functioning. With a father who is bed-ridden, a mother who can barely walk, and a daughter who is struggling to survive, it will be impossible for them to survive without help.


Donations are being collected to help this family, before things can get even worse. Donors also receive a heartfelt bracha from the rabbanim, in return for the mitzvah.