“They Took My Baby Away”: One Woman’s Horrifying Hospital Experience

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Rivka Horowitz* couldn’t believe the day was finally here: The birth of her first child, and the beginning of the rest of her life as a mother. Just seconds after her daughter was born, however, the doctors whisked her away without explanation. For minutes that seemed like hours, Rivka and her husband sat alone in the room and waited for the doctors to return with their child.

The baby, who would soon be named Libi, did not look healthy. She was weak, pale, and scrawny. When the blood tests came back, they revealed the worst: Libi had leukemia.

Rivka & her husband, a young newly married couple, now spend their days in and out of hospital treatments for their daughter. This makes it difficult for them to work enough hours to make ends meet. That’s when family members suggest they go to Rav Reuven Elbaz to ask for help.

Rav Elbaz is known to hear the stories of struggling families, and help connect them with donors. This is the case with a recent Chesed Fund page, with a video of the Rav blessing those who join him helping the Horowitzes and families like them.

Readers can donate here to help. 

*Details changed to protect the family’s privacy