TTI Announces All New Virtual Master’s Degree Program In Education

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Daemen University/TTI’s world renowned master’s degree program in Special Ed and General Ed has now become even more accessible to the public! TTI strives to constantly make changes to better accommodate their students, while never compromising on the quality of education. It’s what has made them the most trusted and well known program for a master’s degree in General and Special Education for over 20 years. After many months of hard work and preparation, the master’s program is now available to be taken completely online, via Zoom. 

The hours of the live classes are on Sundays from 9:00 am to 1:15 pm, making it the perfect option even for those working full time jobs. Independent modules and assignments can be done on one’s schedule as needed. There are two tracks to choose from: the childhood track, for certification for first through sixth grade, and the early childhood track, for certification for newborn through second grade. Students can always take minimal additional coursework to acquire certification in both tracks. The program leads to general and special education certifications, which proves useful, as different jobs may require different certifications.

Much like the in person classes until now, the program has high standards and prepares students well for careers in education. Employers recognize TTI students as well trained and educated employees, and in a recent email from a large education agency, a well known director wrote, “I have to let you know that when I walk into any room to observe my therapists, my top ones are consistently the ones who earned their master’s degree from Daemen University through TTI. It is a great credit to you that you can deliver such high quality education while never compromising on standards of hashkafa. Kol Hakavod!” 

While the costs of obtaining a master’s degree may be a deterrent to some, TTI has worked to alleviate those costs as well. With current loan forgiveness programs of up to $17,500, as well as TEACH grants, a significant sum or even complete tuition can be covered!

As an alternative certification program, there is a great deal of fieldwork included in the program. A benefit of the fieldwork requirement is that it allows students to apply what they have learned in their classroom studies in real life. An even better bonus is that students can apply their hours at their workplace towards those requirements- in other words, if one is working a job in an applicable track, they can complete fieldwork hours while getting paid for it!

A transitional B certification is another big draw for students considering a master’s in education. After only four months attending the master’s program, students can apply for transitional B certification, which allows them to be considered certified teachers in their field. 

The icing on the cake is knowing that TTI stands behind their students from beginning to end, and will guide them through any questions or concerns that may arise. It’s why they are the most respected, well known program in the industry, and why thousands of graduates refer others to the program as well.

Click HERE to learn more about the all new, virtual master’s program in education, call 877.RING.TTI, ext 11, or email [email protected]