Boruch Dayan Haemes: Sofer Stam Yaakov Dahan

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Rav Elbaz’s request is utterly heartbreaking: The Dahan family suffered a terrible tragedy not long ago when they lost their young father, Yaakov. Now, another tragedy beckons: Their mother Ruti is fighting cancer as well. Click here to learn more

Yaakov was a sofer, and Ruti used to work as a medical secretary. But after Yaakov’s medical bills, and now Ruti’s, the Dahan family is drowning in debt. What will be with their six children, Yosef, Dovid, Yitzchok, Shimon, Chani, and Racheli who is only 6 years old r’’l??? They need Klal Yisroel’s help to buy food and the very basic necessities!!! Please, open your hearts. Together, we can save this young family! Click here to help.

In the zechus of your kindness, you should live a long and healthy life, you should have only good health, and many years of happiness with your families until 120.

Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos!