Finally, You Can Understand the Israel Property Scene

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Israel’s renowned real estate pro Mr. Shia Getter has just released his second book: a sourcebook for purchasing property in Israel, filled with everything potential buyers need to know, from alef to taf.

One only needs to check out these recent headlines to know Israel’s real estate scene is complex, hot, and not for the faint of heart… For example, “Israel’s Housing Crisis Is Making ‘Buyers Nervous and Rightly So’” and “When Taking a Mortgage in Israel Becomes an Obstacle Course.” Or there’s “Israel’s Housing Prices Are Going Through the Roof” and “Housing Lottery in Israel Sees Huge Demand.” Gulp. 

Award-winning real estate expert Mr. Shia Getter is well aware of Israel’s housing crisis and the confusion surrounding it. He also understands the real need buyers have for professional guidance through the property maze here. 

Having been asked the same questions hundreds of times by his clients over the last 17 years, Mr. Getter realized that for all those actually asking, there were many others who were wondering, even if they hadn’t voiced their thoughts. Ever seeking to increase transparency in the industry and knowledge among his clients, Mr. Getter decided the time had come to write a book addressing those concerns. 

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Real Estate in Israel is a guidebook for potential buyers and investors who want to learn about what they’re getting into before actually embracing it. It’s based on Mr. Getter’s hands-on experience — from his inside knowledge of developers, lawyers, and mortgage brokers to his relationships with longtime clients who purchased homes with his assistance. The book includes sections on finding the right property, budgeting smartly, looking for a designer and other professionals, knowing what to expect when making payments, being aware of potential pitfalls, and so much more. Each section contains valuable tips and points to ponder. 

Israel’s real estate market is one of the hottest in the world. Mr. Getter knows this country as a resident, a real estate expert, and a Jew. He’s uniquely positioned to author a book addressing every question and concern a potential buyer could have. A veteran of the industry and a provider of a blue-ribbon concierge real estate service, he has helped buyers at every price point find their perfect property in Israel. He’s seen the local industry grow up and adapt to ever-changing laws, new technology, the covid outbreak, and more. And he’s got the ability to transmit all that accumulated knowledge in a user-friendly, enjoyable way.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Real Estate in Israel is a must-read for all potential property buyers, whether it’s their first purchase or their fifth. Check it out today on Amazon.

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