Learn the Halachos of Sukka!

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The Virtual Halacha Program is a new initiative for those that want to learn Halacha B’Iyun – an opportunity to learn Halacha and live Halacha from anywhere in the world.

The program is designed to allow you to learn seriously with structure and guidance.

In registering, you will become part of a global Beis Medrash, joining professionals and students from around the world, committed to their learning and Halacha.

Starting a brand new Limmud now in Hilchos Sukka!

Become part of the Mesorah and learn in a way that ensures that you gain the tools to enable you to get clarity in Halacha.


The program has built-in Chazorah and motivates each individual to succeed.   Live-streamed Shiurim from Yerushalayim allowing you access to the depth of serious Limmud Ha’Torah.

Under the leadership and guidance of HaRav Avigdor Nebenzahl Shlit”a 

Follow this link to find out more or click here to register for the free 30-day trial of Hilchos Sukka.

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