Family of 11 crammed into tiny apartment

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My name is Nachman and I live in Yerushalayim.

I supported my family, which grew to nine children, through my work as a Sofer. 

We owned our own apartment, 40 square meters, which was just about enough for us. My work as a Sofer could not last, because of a chronic inflammation in the joints of my shoulder and wrist. I still work as a Sofer, I have no choice, but I cannot produce anywhere near as much as I used to, and my expenses have not lessened. DONATE HERE!

Eventually, we were required to sell our apartment to pay off our debts. We moved into my parents-in-law’s house, where we have lived for some years. The crowding is unbearable, the children all sleep on the floor of the dining room. 

Please, I am begging you! Help me to alleviate my situation.

Thank you