A young mother of 6 still In Shiva for the loss of her husband – Lets join and support her however much we can.

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This is a real tragic story –  happening right now.

The family is sitting Shiva – as you read this.

A mother left alone with her 6 children:

After a long, difficult, and unexpected battle, Gideon Aharonoff (Yosef Gideon Yaakov Ben Yitzchak) succumbed to his cancer and been called up to the Olam Haemet at a very young age.

He was the primary breadwinner. He left behind an Almana and 6 young children under the age of 13 (including the youngest two being a set of twins).

Your donation will help them get back on their feet financially and help them recover from such a terrible tragedy.

We greatly appreciate your contribution.

This campaign has been verified by the following Rabbonim of Queens:
Rabbi Weinberger of Khal Bais Yitzchok
Rabbi Niasov of Congregation Anshei Shalom
Rabbi Nasirov of Congregation Bet-El
Rabbi Zvi Gluck of Amudim


May you be zoche to much Bracha.