Kotel Connections: Making Connections for Unaffiliated Jews Visiting the Kotel, Providing Resources To Continue In Their Town


Kotel Connections is an organization that aims to connect Jews who visit the Western Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem to their local Jewish community outside of Israel.

The organization recognizes that many Jews who visit the Kotel are not actively involved in Jewish life when they return to their home countries. Kotel Connections seeks to bridge this gap and help these individuals connect with their local Jewish community, allowing them to continue exploring and engaging with Judaism.

The organization has a team stationed at the Kotel who actively approach and engage with visitors who are inspired but not currently connected to Jewish resources in their hometowns. By doing so, Kotel Connections aims to help these individuals channel their experiences and emotions from the Kotel into a more meaningful and lasting Jewish experience in their daily lives.

Kotel Connections has made an impact on numerous individuals since its establishment and is seeking support to further its mission. They encourage donations to fund their efforts, allowing them to continue connecting Jews worldwide to their Jewish roots and facilitating a lasting Jewish experience for them.

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For more information or if you have any questions please call 952-843-3033

The organization emphasizes the urgency of support and the importance of investing in the future of Jewish outreach.

Their team in Jerusalem works diligently to capture and nurture visitors’ moments of inspiration, while their global network of over 650 mentors provides ongoing support and guidance to individuals, enabling them to continue their transformative journey rooted in Torah values.


Hear from our Director: Rabbi Berel Simpser