Victim Of Vicious Thug, Our Rav Is Trapped In Crushing Debt And Is Desperate For Our Help


To our dear brothers and sisters,

We turn to you from the depth of our hearts, from true desperation, to please help us save a chashuv Talmid Chacham from the pits of debt and danger!

A respected Rav (whose name will be kept anonymous due to concerns for the welfare of the family) is in dire need of our financial help. This Talmid Chacham has wholeheartedly devoted his life to learning and teaching Torah, yet due to a series of unforeseen events and major medical expenses, was forced to take out loans and ultimately fell under tremendous debt. What makes the situation urgent is that the one who lent him the money turns out to be a dangerous loan shark who has threatened to hurt him and his family if the debt is not paid back very soon, r”l.

Tomchei Shabbos and prominent Rabbanim in Jerusalem, including HaRav Yitzchok Rubin shlita, are fully aware of the situation and have urged Klal Yisrael to take part in this important mitzvah.

“I beseech you to have pity on this Talmid Chacham and noble disseminator of Torah and help him in any possible way. Those that come to his aid will be blessed.” -Rav Shimon Shmuel Halberstam shlita.

Please join and be ONE of the 1,000 who commit just $42/month for one year, and have the merit of saving an entire family!