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Virtual Judaica – Huge Manuscript, Judaica and Hebraica Auction. Own Rare Manuscript By The Chochom Tzvi

Virtual Judaica is proud to present another diverse auction of rare Jewish seforim, posters, photos, and manuscripts. In our 25 years of business, we have successfully auctioned over 50,000 items to thousands of satisfied clients. Begin your collection today with as little as $10 and own a piece of Jewish history. 

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Responsa by the Hakham Tzvi, [Amsterdam] 17th Century שו”ת מהחכם צבי זצ”ל – Manuscript

Manuscript by Ben Ish Hai, R. Joseph Hayyim of Baghdad, Baghdad 19th Century

כתב יד מהבן איש חי – Manuscript

Darkei Noam, Altona 1808

דרכי נועם – Only Edition – Community – No Copy Major Collections

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