We cannot look away! Many of the families who’ve been displaced need money for bare basics. Shai Graucher has already undertaken to help them with food, clothing, and other needs. But they need more. Shai has taken it upon himself to raise $500 per family to help them get through the month.

Shai called Visa to find out if he can get customized gift cards. They had heard about his incredible work and wanted to help.

For every $500 gift card donated Visa will be topping them off with an additional $50. That is in addition to having no fees and a custom card! So your donation of $500 means $550 to these families!

Help Shai Graucher adopt 600 of these families: even if we can’t give them back their homes, at least we can give them some dignity!

Visa partnered with Shai – can he count on you?