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London – Swastikas found on home of Jewish doctor

Swastikas and the words “kill all Jews” have been daubed on the house of a Jewish doctor in Hampstead Garden Suburb.? Dr Justin Stebbing of Erskine Hill found the offensive graffiti when he returned to his home on Tuesday morning. Swastikas had been painted on his scooter and car bonnet and the attackers had also scrawled other anti-Semitic slogans and the word “Allah” on the windows of his house.

“I felt violated,” he said. “Just like I had been burgled. It’s horrible. I don’t even feel like going home any more. These people were not idiots – they knew exactly what they were doing.

“It’s quite scary when this happens. I’m not fearful for myself of further harassment but imagine this happened to an old lady who was living alone.”

The doctor, who works at Bart’s Hospital, says he has no idea of who is responsible for the attack, but is in no doubt that it is related to the war in the Middle East.

“The attitude towards Jewish people has definitely changed recently. It has become much harder and this incident really brought it home to me,” he said.

“The one-sided media reporting of the war has contributed to this incident and will cause even more attacks.”

Dr Stebbing notified the police as soon as he discovered the graffiti but is not hopeful they will catch the offenders.

“The police were polite and helpful and very good at giving advice but it seemed solving the crime was less of a priority for them,” said Dr Stebbing.

And Barnet police said the number of reported attacks against Jewish people had actually decreased since the start of the war.

Inspector Jeremy Harding of Barnet Police said: “We are monitoring the situation in the Middle East very closely.

“We have no plans to increase local patrols at this stage, however we are flexible and should the circumstances change this would be reviewed. We continue to work closely with the Community Safety Trust and the Jewish community to make Barnet a safer place.”

But the CST, which was set up to monitor attacks on Britain’s Jewish population, has released statistics painting a different picture.

It logged 92 anti-Semitic incidents for July 2006 – more than double the number for July 2005.

Spokesman Mark Gardner said: “We are in liaison with police at least once every day to discuss potential security threats nationwide are have issued guidelines urging the community to ensure that security measures are followed.”

On Sunday a huge area around the Jewish embassy was cordoned off in Kensington Palace Gardens after a bomb scare.


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