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Williamsburg: Police make arrest in abduction

A Level 3 offender was charged with allegedly trying to abduct a girl in an alleyway – at 135 Ross Street – in a crime that shocked a tight-knight community in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn (which was reported HERE on Yeshivaworld).

According to Eyewitness News, 29-year-old Jason Forgetta of Brooklyn was charged with this horrific crime. Forgetta was positively identified by the victim of the Oct. 4 attack that caused much concern in the neighborhood. According to reports, the girl’s father stumbled on the attack and chased the suspect into the street. Eyewitness News is told Forgetta then jumped into a dark SUV and drove off, as the father tried to hold on to the vehicle’s door.

Authorities were able to track Forgetta down because he is already a convicted offender.

Click HERE for video. 

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