Video Of Interest: Williamsburg: Extremists Protest Opening Of Kosher Restaurant



  1. sorry – have no clue what/who the restaurants is, and why they are protesting it – but
    1) looked to me like some of them were holding their signs over their faces to hide behind them – what’s that all about????? if they are embarrassed to show their faces and stick up for what they believe do so and be proud (or maybe they are being paid off to do the “dirty” work for someone else?)
    2) don’t they have anything better to do on shiva asar b’tamuz then instigate more hatred towards our fellow brothers (am yisrael)- maybe they should continue to be “learning” or (bentch warming) about what brought about the churban???
    3) did they miss the page that says kol yisrael areivim zeh lazeh??? must have been the day they were “absent” maybe protesting something else that day!!!!!!

  2. Didn’t someone say that they are trowing big rocks on every one entering this restaurant?
    This mus be the biggest crime in the world.
    They should be arrested for carrying a gun illegally and killing of so many innocent people.

  3. Who says the restaurant is kosher, and who says it isn’t? Disputes over a restaurant usually involve issues of whose hecksher the restaurant has? Do you have some relevant facts?

  4. #5 — so its about (de facto) zoning —- seems like the people are acting like normal Americans do in zoning and land use disputer – amazing at how assimilated they’ve become

  5. These demonstrators are a pathetic looking bunch of creeps who most likely belong in the dumpster out back…Moishe’s just opened on Monday of this week and brings a much needed sit down restaurant with top of the line hashgacha to the neighborhood. Hope the

  6. This is the ultimate definition of Bitul Torah and Jew hatred at the same time. Maybe instead of begging for money they should get a job as dishwashers at Moshe’s Place. Wouldn’t that be ironic? NOT.