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Video Of Interest: Yom Kippur Koton at Kehillas Bnei Torah, Har Nof

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  1. The mora detara – Harav Rubin specifically asked the men to wear talis & tefillin at mincha.

    My guess is to show that we will mekadesh shem shamayim in talis & tefillin in LIFE, similar to those kedoshim who were mekadesh shem shamayim in talis & tefillin at their DEATH.

  2. can someone clarify. Did the horrible tragic event ( i dont have words to even label it) happen in this main beis medresh? or in a smaller one on a different floor?

  3. I stopped in this morning to learn in the lower bais midrash where the attack took place. It was full of avreichim learning up a storm. As I drifted back and forth between my own learning and my grappling with the evil that had taken place just 52 hours earlier, in that very spot, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of pride in our nation,and gratitude to Hashem that I am part of it all. The kol Torah was roaring. Young married men were struggling to comprehend the Ratzon Hashem, as expressed through the eyes of Abaye and Rava, Rashi and Tosafos. I could not imagine a more fitting response to evil. It struck me how this demonstrates beyond a doubt which side will prevail. Despite yishmaels determination, their superior numbers, and their cruelty, all that will ultimately vanish in a cloud of smoke, while the roaring Kol Torah will forever live on and shine light into the darkest corners of our history.

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