WATCH: Possible Parah Adumah On Outskirts of Lakewood, New Jersey


A fully red cow, which appears to be usable as the biblical Red Heifer, has been attracting increasing attention on a small farm outside of Lakewood, New Jersey.


  1. To #2.
    Not legit.
    Look at video. What kind of farmer calls 2 parents of a cow – cows.
    One of them is a bull.
    Just as the farmer is false so too the set-up.

  2. Also a real red heifer wud be isolated to prevent self hurt by scratch on metal posting wore or fall, other cow injury or “mounting”.

  3. at 5:06 one can see what appears to be black hairs on the cow’s chin. i hope everyday for Mashiach to come,and sincerely wish that this is “beginning of the end”.
    whatever the case we definitely need to work on ourselves to bring the coming of Mashiach bmehara b’yamanu, amen.

  4. Yeah and it looks like someone told that guy exactly what to say. It seems a little fishy.

    And anyways it doesnt mean anything until there is a beis hamikdosh.

  5. bal boose, you’d probably deny it when Moshiach comes, you’ll make some excuse then as well. It seems like you are too comfortable here in Gales and not very interested in signs of the coming of Moshiach. How sad

  6. As there is currently no Beis ha-Mikdash, all the critter is good for is milk (depending on breed, most cattle in New Jersey are bred primarily for milk), and eventually for a low grade of meat (that is the fate of dairy cows when they get old). The skin will be used for leather. Some parts might be ground up for fertilizer or animal feed.

    No sense getting excited now. If Meshiach can build a Beis ha-Mikdash without the assistance of the government or the rabbinate, he can find a parah adumah.

  7. Why all the cynicism? We all need to improve ourselves anyway. Let this be the incentive! If this is not a siman that Moshiach is on his way, we won’t have lost out! Besides, that Rabbi looked legitimate enough to me!

  8. Which cheder did he got to in Roosevelt, NJ? Bobov? Also, is this the color of adumah? Red or orange doesn’t make a difference? If anyone is more informed than I, please tell me.