First Yahrzeit of the Nadvorna Rebbe ZATZAL

(Thursday, February 14th, 2013 11:54 AM)

Thousands are expected to visit the tziyun of the Nadvorna Rebbe ZT”L on Har HaZeisim today, Thursday 4 Adar 5773. The preparations for the yahrzeit include a large tent for mispallalim, light refreshments, a special ezras noshim, and increased security.

Egged has stepped up service and arrangement were made to bring chassidim for the major tefilla beginning at 13:00. All arrangements have been coordinated and approved by police and city agencies. Those making their way in private vehicles are advised and urged to park near Hebrew University and from there, take one of the shuttles. There are buses leaving from Zaks Square on Shmuel HaNavi Street every half hour beginning at 08:30 until 16:30.

Many make the effort to visit the tziyun as they seek ישועה ורחמים as the rebbe promised in his will וגם אני אשתדל להיטיב עמכם.

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  1. snowbunny3318 says:

    I am in E”Y, and this article was published after the event happened- just saying.

  2. my-opinion says:

    Can someone please post the name of this צדיק so we can light a candle here in NY?

  3. my-opinion says:

    הרהק’ יעקב ישכר בער בן הר”ר חיים מרדכי ז”ל ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.

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