Op-Ed: Never Saying the ‘H’ Word


One does not have to be particularly astute to realize that now, following Operation Pillar of Defense that HKBH is out there in the front lines, intercepting the overwhelming number of rockets fired at major population centers. The statistics are astounding, realizing that less than 4% of rockets fired hit urban population centers and most of them did not result in loss of life of injuries.

Some forget or simply do not realize that Hashem does not manifest in the form of a miracle, but “derech ha’teva” as is said in Israel, “nature” is you wish. The Iron Dome’s success undoubtedly prevented countless deaths and injury, not to mention property damage, yet the nation’s political leaders and military commanders who are being interviewed around-the-clock on new stations simply cannot bring themselves to say the “H” word, Hashem.

Some credit the wisdom of the weapons development engineers, others Amir Peretz, who went against popular opinion to push the Iron Dome as defense minister some six years ago, some the IDF and others simply attribute the fact that the nation is not in mourning to a combination of factors, including the Iron Dome, IDF and “good luck”. But they simply cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that as Jews, Hashem is our guiding light and while we must to our part, we dare not turn our backs on HKBH.

How terrifying it is since we as believers realize that ultimately we will all have to come to the realization that this and all our successes are attributed to HKBH and we will all have to be brought to this reality.

Perhaps this is what the current warfare is about, the beginning of the next stage of this ride, or not, but what is certain is that until Israel’s leaders turn to gedolei yisrael for advice and HKBH for assistance, the war has been lost.

Baruch Oberman is a proud Jew who made Aliya 5 years ago and now resides in Jerusalem.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



  1. If as you write “NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.” then YWN should shut down!

  2. Miracles have been acknowledged and there are leaders that go to Chacham Yosef for advice and guidance.
    Let us see that the cup is ‘Half Full’…..we are on the way to salvation with increase and intensity of Kiruv. Keep teaching Torah and encouraging Mitzvohs…

  3. The Betrayer of Hevron and the Coward of Lebanon are willing to have a cease fire with savage murderers because they truly believe that they can be friends and live in harmony with them. Neither is will, however, to cease their persecution of the Torah community because their hatred of Torah is so fundamental to their lives that they can not see any way to live together with Torah Jews. This is true of the entire ruling elite as well. So why the surprise that they choke and gag at the mention of the Name?

  4. I see it did not take very long for the swift winds of pure lashon Hora to blow in. As if the author has any idea whether Gedolim were consulted (or even wanted to be consulted) on military matters. What would happen if the Dati Leumi Gadol was consulted and he said one thing while the Charedi (Lithuanian) gadol said something entirely different? Who should we listen to?
    Did the author consider condemning the bochurim who allowed their brethren to go to the front lines with mesiras nefesh while they sat in the Beis Medrash (not to mention those who sat in the coffee shops and falafel joints smoking)and ignored the Rambam in Hilchos Melachim perek hay? How does the author know who the parents of the soldiers are crediting for the yeshua?
    When the author and his ilk learn to refrain from attacking and freely give support and credit to the Jews who he thinks are not as frum as he is, then the “other” side will find it much easier to appreciate and feel the presence of HKBH in Israel stronger than they already do.

    An even greater Madreiga would be if he could actually take pride in their mesiras nefesh for Am Yisroel. But thanks for the criticism anyway tzadik, Hashem really loves it.

  5. To their Limud Z’chus: Most of them admit it in their hearts full well, but it’s simply not within the ‘acceptable national terminology’ to say it that way.

    Of course, it’s still a sin and a shame.

  6. Very nice to spread and praise hashem to a fellow Jew.
    but when you’re addressing the whole world whats stopping the rest of the world, to say that were fanatics, just like hamas say everything THEY DO IS in the name of HKBH. If they did that hamas would use it for propoganda too which makes us look like a terrorist organization as well then what weve not only got the arab world against us but the whole world to.

  7. Dan lekaf zechus.

    There are no atheists in a foxhold. Ask any chayal on the front line if he thinks HKBH is guiding him. Check and see how many chayyalim snatched up arba kanfos, siddurim, and other klei kodesh when they were offered.

  8. MD! First of This article is for mostly Jewish readers, second I am really shocked (not really) to hear what you just said, you should listen to some of R. Noach Weinberg speeches. I’m not trying to trash you or anything like that just so you understand the basic different Btwn what us Jews say and the rest of the world

  9. utter nonsense by this writer!

    I work in the defense nidustry with people who are mainly classified as “chiloni”

    the number of them who clearly have acnkowledged that open miracles happen is staggering.

    (you would probably also be surprised at the persentage who put on tefillin every day and keep shabbos… just because at first glance you see someone who does not fit your mold of yid doesn’t mean that they have no emunah

  10. #3 It is a fact that much of ur secular bashing is without any deep insight into the whos, whats and wheres of what is being said & acknowledged.

  11. I don’t believe that the writer is trying to “trash” secular jews. I believe that he is really trying to emphasize that HDBH is the one causing all of these victories for Israel, thank G-d, bli ayin hara, and that all jews should stop and think about that reality. Also, I have personally heard PM Netanyahu say that he draws strenth from learning Torah on Shabbat with a Torah scholar in his family. Therefore, he obviously believes strongly that HKBH is performing all of these wonderous miracles on our behalf. I also believe that many jews from all backgrounds strongly believe this and do what they can at their level to observe the mitzvot and they believe very strongly in Hashem and pray to him daily.

  12. Clearly HKBH has his plans of when and where the Iron Dome will work. Look at the statistics- 60% of the Israeli casualties (the 3 from Kiryat Malchei) happened when the iron dome malfunctioned! I don’t know how or why it suddenly happened, but I know HKBH wanted it to happen that way- which is why we say Baruch Dayan HAEMES. Don’t forget, the Yidden saw greater Nissim in Mitzrayim and within a short time they were looking for an Eigel.

  13. I’m glad someone wrote this piece, as the same thought occurred to me as I followed the written coverage of these miraculous events. I have not seen by any high-level Israeli even one reference to Hashem or a “thank G-d”.

    Comparing this to, lihavdil, Hamas and Allahu Akhbar is nonsense.

    Maybe they don’t have to say “Bisheim Hashem Naaseh ViNatzliach”, but they can at least say Baruch Hashem when looking back at the many nissim they merited in Hashem’s land.

    The real reason is, of course, that Zionism was and is intended to replace the Torah and Yahadus, and by saying “Baruch Hashem”, one is identifying with those unenlightened “galut Jews” who still believe in Hashem and His Torah rather than the enlightened post-Jewish Zionists.

    Even if Netanyahu learns a little on Shabbos, and even if many chilonim do have somewhat of an emuna pishuta, the emunah of Zionism is in its institutions and not in Hashem, and to see both of these sad beliefs manifested in such a way only compounds the tragedy of their beliefs.

  14. Can we please all respect each others opinions and not say anything negative about other jews, many of whom did not have the benefit of being raised shomer Torah and Mitzvot? Doing so is a pre-condition for the coming of Moshiach, which is hopefully what we all want! We can agree to disagree, but let’s not argue over the situation. Let’s just be THANKFUL to G-d for all he does for us, b’li ayin hara.

  15. Good point! The enemy screams Alla Acbar, and kills us. Why don’t we scream; Shema Yisrael? It’s a religious war. Although, I heard Bibi consulted gedol hador. He also mentioned king David’s sword. The operation is called cloud pillar, like in the desert. It’s a HUGE improvement from last war. But still…HKBH needs to get the credit! We love you Hashem! Thank You. Here, it’s done.