Sifrei Torah Stolen From Yaffo Found in Hevron, With Help From Palestinians


Three days after five Sifrei Torah were stolen from the Bait David shul on Bikorei Zion Street in Yaffo, they were found by security forces in Hevron. The Sifrei Torah were returned today after security forces located them during a lengthy and in-depth search.

The partnership between Israeli police, COGAT and the Palestinian police allowed for the discovery of the stolen scrolls after such a short time. Sources in the police department and COGAT praised the cooperation between them and the Palestinian security forces for solving this case as well as others, that began with a theft inside Israel and ended with the discovery of the stolen items inside the Palestinian territories.

Situations of this kind prove the value of cooperation and increase the positive relationship between the two police forces in an effort to improve and strengthen the feeling of security for all citizens.

Head of police collaboration between Israeli and Palestinian police in Judea, Deputy Commissioner Danny Yisroel said: “The return of the Sifrei Torah is just one example of the cooperation that exists between the Israeli and  Palestinian police forces, a cooperation that exists on many levels of police work. From returning lost items to their owners and continuing with cooperative investigations into murders, as well as the battle against drugs as well as many other fields. All of this is an effort to provide security for all citizens, and not allow a safe haven for criminals.”


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)