Security Official: The Gaza Rockets Are Behind Us


On Tuesday night a high-ranking security official who wished to remain anonymous told Israeli media Channel  Kan 11 that: “We are not expecting an intensification of the rocket fire from Gaza. On the contrary, it is behind us.”

According to the official: “Afraid of the situation deteriorating quickly, Hamas has begun operations to round up dozens of activists from other organizations believed to be responsible for the recent wave of rocket fire that has plagued Gaza periphery cities and town for the past two weeks. We can expect a few isolated rockets to be fired still, but for the most part it the rocket fire is over.”

Over the past two weeks no fewer than 30 rockets, mortars, and Qassam missiles have been fired from the strip at Israel. While a few of these rockets landed inside the Gaza Strip, many landed in Israel and two even landed inside residential areas.

The Dotan family from Nativ Ha’asarah were miraculously saved this past week when a rocket hit their children’s bedroom. The family was just returning from a Chanukah candle lighting ceremony at their grandmother’s house when the color red siren sounded. They were just approaching their front door and they ran for their reinforced room. They made it to the closed room just before the rocket impacted the side wall of their house near the children’s bedroom.

On Tuesday morning it was reported that Hamas had been rounding up, arresting, and torturing Salafists who have been largely responsible for the missile fire into Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Never believe the leftist!!!

    They are trying to paint a picture that Chamas is now the “good guy” they are arresting and even “torturing” the animals who shot the rockets…

    Only a fool will believe this!!!!