Will Of Founder Of Shatnez Laboratory


ms.jpgToday, the 7th of Chesvon is the Yartzheit of R’ Yosef ben Moshe HaLevi Rosenberger Z”L – the founder of all Shatnes Laboratories. In his last will he wrote: Due to the fact that I spent all my years educating the Jewish public about the Mitzvah of Shatnes & therefore couldn’t learn enough Torah; I am requesting the public to at least learn Torah for my Neshomah which I will consider as a repayment for my years of devotion.

If you are unable to learn Mishnayos or Gemorah, kindly say Tehillim for my Neshomah: Yosef ben Moshe Haleivy.


  1. I remember being a small boy back in Williamsburg and seeing this amazing man come to our classrooms in torah Vodaas and teaching us all about shatnez. I also remember seeing him in his lab, with those self-made telescope or binocular-type glasses that he wore to examine the clothes. I used to think that this man was an incredible tzaddik (still do) for opening our eyes to what was then, an almost forgotten mitzva.

    In a way, I feel its a shame that he should think that he needs us to pray or learn for his neshama – that by his own merit for doing this important mitzvah, it wouldn’t be enough to earn him a rightous place in Gan Eden. We’ll, I’m sorry he felt that way but I just said some tehillim for him anyway. Thank you, Reb. Yosef, for bringing this important mitzva to the population.

  2. I can not think of a different individual in my lifetime who could appear in front of the Kisei Hacovod and rightfully claim to be the baal habos of a mitzva doraisa.

  3. #3 The following piece of Torah can be learned L’iluy Nishmas R’ Yosef ben Moshe Haleivy:

    The Gemorah says at the conclusion of Tractates Brachos & Moed Koton that Talmidei Chachomim don’t have any rest (even) in the world to come because they go from strength to strength. It is also widespread Jewish custom to to learn Torah and do Mitzvos in the merit of those who are in Olam Haemes (for example the Minhagim of a Yartzeit) including Tzadikim, in order to cause a further Aliyas HaNeshoma, regardless of how high the Neshoma may be already.

    More dear than general Torah study in their merit is studying the Torah teachings of that particular Talmid Chocham. The Gemorah in Yevamos (96b) tells us that even Dovid Hamelech yearned for and Davened to Hashem that Yidden down here should say a teaching in his name. By making the above request in his will R’ Yosef has taught us the above concept and thereby one who VERBALLY reads his will (Lichoira) causes his lips to move in his Kever as the(Yevamos ibid.) and thereby he dwells in both this world and Olam Haba simultaneously as Tosafos (ibid., Dibur Hamaschil Agurah) explain.

    But (as #4 mentioned) the Learning and Tehilim are certainly also a merit for us which increases even further the Zchus of R’ Yosef. Gut Voch.

  4. The family of Mr. Yosef Rosenberger is very moved and grateful to all the people who have taken note and learned for the Z’chus of Mr. Rosenberger, per his last wishes.

    Tizku L’Mitzvos,