eBay Auction For Glasses Of Bobover Rebbe ZATZAL


bobove.jpgEver wanted to be in possession of the Bobover Rebbe ZATZAL’s eye-glasses? For $350,000 they are yours! From eBay: You are viewing original eyeglasses worn daily for over Two Decades by the Grand Rabbi Solomon Halberstam. These glasses secured a prime element of his facial features grace every picture of his saintly personage. Through these eyeglasses his Holy Eyes were able to imbue people with that penetrating look and ease every pain. Click HERE to be redirected to the eBay auction.


  1. by the way it can be even more then $350,000 becouse that is only the starting bid,but any way i doubt that there will be any one who will buy the rebbe,s eyeglasses for even $350,000 grand.
    p.s. there is still over 3 days for this bid to end, good luck to the winner of this bid and as long as he has the glasses in his possesion, which he should have for ever and ever if he does buy it may he and family merit the rebbe,s zatzal blessing forever and ever!!!

  2. why would i want the rebbes glasses? whats the segula its not even my prescription. if you would sell the rebbes seforim that would be a different story…

    p.s.- if these glasses are not being fought over than i dont want it

  3. Can these eyeglasses be the Rebbe’s?

    Would the Rebbe have given them to anyone who would sell them anywhere, never mind Ebay? Not likely. These are either fakes OR stolen or lost, and belong with the family.

  4. What a great deal? only $350,000. I would by it in a minute , but theres one problem, I dont like the style . If u fix that there mine without a minutes hesitation. One of the greatest items in a SMART Jews home. What a find????????????????????????????????/. some smart guy will grab it. Signed Putsdu

  5. Someone once asked the Satmar Rov zatzal if he could have one of the Rebbe’s pairs of pants. The Rebbe responded, “What do you think, these are going to protect you?,when you get up there, they’re going to pull them down, and SHMEISS!”

  6. Spending $350,000 on a pair of glasses, not even your prescription, …. that’s a bit of money….

    I Hope this money will go to tzedaka… if anyone bids on it.

  7. Shelly,

    was that comment a joke or what??? LOL, nobody is buying it to wear, its supposed to be a zechus to be in possession of the Rebbe’s glasses.

    I remember a case where a tzaddik was niftar and when they brought his tallis to the Chevra Kaddisha, one of the people who were going to do the Tahara, took the talis, RIPPED off the Atoroh and said ‘Dort brochn min dus nisht’ ( there its not needed)

  8. I dont think its appropriate to see the rebbes glasses on eBay. However the story of the Pnei Yeshuos glasses is well known, and I would not discount the value of the zechus of owning them – as long as they are obtained in an appropriate manner…

  9. People have the right to ask for any amount that the market is willing to pay. thats the country we live in.
    The bigger question here is , how do we know taht these are really his?

  10. i just got word the manufacturer from China just made a recall on all these type of glasses.Are you
    sure it was on e-bay USA and not some third world country

  11. I will tell you why anyone would pay that kind of money for a pair of glasses of a Tzadik.

    I know of a reliable story which took in Europe. The holy “Pnei Yehosha’s” glasses were accidentally found by a person who had lost his vision. When that person put on the “Pnei Yehosha’s” glasses his vision was restored.

    This story was told and retold in Europe!!

  12. The roov was a tzaddik yesoid oilam. With these glasses he looked at everybody with an Ayin Tova. They belong to the family as a yerisha and anyone who sells them is, needless to say, taking something that they shouldn’t. If the family is selling them to raise $$$ for the mosdos, they would do it in a bakovodiker manner. This is not.