MUST SEE: Trump Live Tweets Russia Hearing; Forces Comey To Respond To Presidential Tweets In Middle of Testimony



President Donald Trump is keeping tabs on the congressional hearing on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. He’s tweeting that the FBI and National Security Agency are telling Congress that Russia did not influence the electoral process.

That put FBI Director James Comey in the unusual situation of having to respond to presidential tweets in the middle of his testimony.

Trump’s tweet seemed to differ with what Comey said. He told members of the House intelligence committee that the FBI has offered no opinion, and has no view and no information, on the potential impact on the election because that’s not something the FBI looked at.

Comey did say earlier in the hearing, however, that there is no evidence that Russian meddling resulted in changes of any vote tallies.



  1. What’s is most intresting is the fact that the FBI and NSA claim no one monitors us citizens without a warrant an yet we KNOW that that’s a LIE!

    I’m not a fan of what Snowden did, but he showed that they have been monitoring innocent citizens

    The leaks coming from the NSA and FBI is also criminal yet we don’t see the Dems going after the NYT or their leakers.

    Bottom line the Dems and Repubs are both playing politics with the lives of the American citizens and the American are too stupid todo anything about it

  2. Yaakov & all of you liberals
    Looks like you guy’s never learned how to lose
    With such poor role modeling, how can parents teach kids to be good losers? We can start by helping kids understand the basic reasons for bad losers’ behavior. Sore losers think they’re special. They believe the whole world should agree and bow down to them. When they don’t win and aren’t acknowledged for how special they are, they get angry, because it feels like an injustice.
    Explain to kids that it’s normal to have an emotional reaction when they don’t get what they want. It’s natural to feel angry when the world doesn’t conform to their expectations or when they experience something that feels unfair. But it’s not okay to make others the target of what’s going on inside of you, and kids need to understand that. Being a poor loser will drive friends and allies away from them.

    Here are six simple lessons to teach to kids that will help them be good losers.

    Deal with inevitable emotions.

    Let your child know that it’s okay and healthy to feel and express anger and frustration at losing, but in a safe and private place. Show him how to have that temper tantrum on his own. For example, he can punch a punching bag at home in the basement and yet at the top of his lungs, “I feel soooo angry!” He’ll feel relieved after he lets all that emotional energy out, and much better than if he took out his frustration and rage on someone else.

  3. “because that’s not something the fbi looked at”

    theyre good at saying that, cures all excuse.

    the fbi’s proven to be a bottom layer of intell whereas the cia/nsa/darpa branches etc illegally (&ambiguosly) use the plethora of defence/research tech to force people against their will straight into the path of fbi’s surviellance where theyre dragged into & ‘recorded by the fbi’s picture perfect snapshots of the lies the darpa tech orchestrates.

    genocide happening right in front of everyones faces,(compare the r1bRelated dna of “law enforcement” to that of the victims:
    the adl, jewish leadership & other completely worttless antithetical civil/human rights orgs have never said a word about it, nor has wikileaks offered a spec of “evidence”(a worthless lie word here) on the matter.

    the nazis “didnt look at that” either comey, “where just doing their jobs”, “enforcing the law” too comey(a more appropriate name i couldnt have made up).

    a trillion dollars a year usg spending with 10,000 satellites orbiting and the fbi “isnt looking at that”. participating in playing tag team with cia splintering responsibility in a hundred directions..

    bodies everywhere… & thanks for ur help guys.

    proove that trump wasnt “wire tapped”, wires?! why oh why would they tap ‘wires’ when they have 10,000 satellites! jeez, nobody bring that up.

    organize a group of ‘unadulterated’ NONr1b’s & give them complete access to audit and investigate every spec of this international intel infrustructure.

    “russia” interferred with elections… all the candidates had red hair & ‘russia’ interferred with elections?!

    wtf(wikileaks task force)!

  4. Kidushhashem, Can you remind me what Republicans have been doing for the past 8 years? Whining and whining, coming up with nothing better than calling him a Muslim instead of questioning his actual policies.

  5. To No. 4

    Also teach your yinglach that its OK to bully, mock and disparage anyone they disagree with, grope the girls in their class because they can get away with it, continue lying after everyone else says what you’ve said is untrue etc. Your words of musar and chizuk for our children are so consistent with behavior that we would call a “kidush hashem”.

  6. Kidushhashem,

    Unlike Trump, I am not a liberal.

    Yes, I am upset that Trump won and we now have a psychopath in the White House.

    No, I will not deal with the emotional pain withing me that suggests that we could have had a decent conservative president who would deal with important issues, such as entitlement reform.

    That being said, Trumpists like you should stop defending everything the maniac in the White House does. “Winners” like you should forgo the “tingling in your leg” experience and act like Trump’s predecessor by “sticking it” to the losers. Your presidential candidate is now president: Let him act like it!

    He declared all media “fake news” even when they report facts and uses commentators’ opinions to “tweet facts”. He still believes that he’s an actor on a reality show, but his actions, unfortunately, affect millions.

    If he doesn’t like Merkel’s policies, don’t meet her. If he’s a Russian stooge, fine. Organize a press conference and explain why befriending Putin and his KGB friends is suddenly in the interest of America. Let him not lie and attack Congress or the media who are doing their job – protecting our liberties – for asking questions.

    If you don’t see what negative consequences can arise from such actions by a president, then I understand the reason why dictators were successful.

  7. Not only does Donald have problems with reading comprehension, he also has problems with listening comprehension. KH (and other Trumpians), one does not have to be a liberal to consider Trump an unmitigated disaster.