Denmark Attempts To Follow Iceland and Outlaw Bris Milah Done By a Mohel


A petition is being passed around Denmark which would see a penalty of six-years imprisonment given to anyone who performs a circumcision on a child at the age of eight days. This would follow Iceland which recently proposed a ban on Bris Milah – as was reported by YWN.

Human right’s activists in Denmark, have already gathered 20,000 signatures of people who are against circumcising a male child at the age of eight-days as is prescribed by Jewish law. According to Bichadrei Chareidim, activists are demanding that the circumcisions be done under the auspices of a doctor in a hospital. The worry is that Mohels would not be allowed to perform the action of metziza and therefore the circumcision would not be a valid one.

According to reports published by Bichadrei Charedim, the activists still need to obtain an additional 30,000 signatures within the next five months before they can submit the petition to the government. According to the petition, only people over the age of 18 would be able to have a circumcision performed on them by someone other than a medical professional.

The activists are expected to obtain the signatures and then present the petition to the government to be drafted into a bill.

Those who stand to suffer from the petition are some 8,000 Jewish residents and tens of thousands of Muslim residents of the country. What is even more damaging is that the petition includes a clause that would see parents stand trial even if they circumcise their child outside of Denmark and then try to return to the country. They would be liable to stand trial upon their return.


  1. Is the law motivated by anti-Jewish feeling (surprising if one recalls that it is in one of the only countries in Europe that opposed the holocaust), or are we “collateral damage” of any anti-Muslim campaign? Is the law limited to babies, or does it ban circumcision of all non-adults (if the former it is clearly anti-Jewish, if the latter it is probably anti-Muslim).