Williamsburg: Innocent Man Jailed 23 Years In Rabbi’s Slay Suffers Heart Attack Day After Being Freed

(Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 09:38 PM)

rantaA New York City man whose murder conviction was overturned after 23 years in prison has suffered a heart attack on his second day of freedom.

David Ranta’s lawyer tells The New York Times the former inmate had a serious heart attack Friday night and is being treated at a New York hospital.

Ranta walked out of jail Thursday after a judge threw out his conviction in the 1990 killing of a Brooklyn rabbi.

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Brooklyn prosecutors had recently concluded Ranta’s prosecution in the death of Rabbi Chaskel Werzberger was fatally flawed.

Werzberger was killed by a bandit fleeing a botched robbery. One witness said a police lineup that helped convict Ranta had been rigged.

Ranta is 58. He told reporters Thursday that his new freedom was emotionally overwhelming.


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  1. Chamor HaDor says:

    Hash-m leaves no debt…we are not to judge but to us true believers, we see what’s really happening here.

  2. eric55 says:

    #1 Im glad you have an open line with hashem i wish i did, but from what i read up on the case there are indeed many holes in it, no evidence and a possible criminal prosecutor. Menachem Lieberman who originally picked ranta out of a lineup said under oath that he was coursed to pick him. that being said i think the jail sentence saved ranta’s life because he was a drug atticked and they generally dont last long. he probably got the help he needed in prison and hopefully can live a productive life. I find it very disturbing when people try to act like God and translate the meaning of things, when Boaz married rus there were alot of people talking badly against him saying he was a rusha he was forbidden to do so, and wallah! the next day after he marry’s her he dies, what do you think all the anti Boaz people were saying? you got it, that Boaz got his just in a swift manner. we know that was not the case, so please people even when things look obvious resist the temptation to play God’s messenger

  3. nfgo3 says:

    No. 1: As a true believer, can you tell us why did that shul in Lakewood burned down – reported today on YWN.

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